What sort of coaching do I need?

//What sort of coaching do I need?

What sort of coaching do I need?

Coaching is a relatively new in the professional world but it’s popularity and success throughout many industries cannot be denied. There are so many types, styles and models of coaching all of which can be extremely helpful to you in your work and personal life. Knowing what is available, so you can make the right decision for you, and what you need to achieve is really important.

If you have looked into working with a coach and have used Google to search no doubt you have been inundated with coaching search results promising all sorts of life changing wisdom, including life coaching, executive coaching, skills coaching, performance coaching, career coaching, legacy coaching, financial coaching, health coaching, wellness coaching, resilience coaching and the list goes on.

To help understand the options I have broken down the long list down into 3 main approaches to coaching, performance, developmental and transformational.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a basic form of coaching and is intended to enhance or develop skills. People that undertake performance coaching may want to improve how they are operating in their current role or they (or their manager) may have identified some areas that need development. Performance coaching is great for somebody that is performing in a role but needs assistance to reach peak performance.

Performance coaching can be extremely beneficial to improve a person’s public speaking or presentation skills or improving time management skills, for example. Performance coaching is suitable for a person new to management or leadership and alongside proper management supervision can help a new manager to thrive and succeed in their role.Working with a performance coach would start with agreeing what the client wanted to address, putting some actions and timeframes around these goals, reviewing and tweaking the actions at agreed time intervals until the goals are achieved. This can be very successful and rewarding.

Developmental Coaching

Developmental coaching is the next step in coaching as it asks the client to not only develop new skills but to also learn as they are practicing new behaviors. Through developmental coaching the client will be aware of learning and how the change in behaviors has an impact on outcomes.

Through developmental coaching the client may come to coaching to address one issue but also learn that they can change another issue because of the new learned behavior.

Developmental coaching is a great option for a person who is competent in their role but wants to develop their skill set or move into a new role. Developmental coaching is a longer term coaching than performance coaching. It looks to develop the person in a more holistic way rather than individual skills and performance areas.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching takes the client to a deeper place of understanding about himself or herself. Transformational coaching asks the client to look and critically reflect on their frame of reference and worldview. In other words what are your underlying assumptions and beliefs about yourself and the world around you. As humans we consider our assumptions as fact on a subconscious level, so it is only when you bring these assumptions to the conscious and challenge them that you can have a real shift in not only behavior but where you see yourself in the world.

Transformational coaching helps you question your inner dialogue and the stories you tell yourself. This inner dialogue and stories, because we consider them to be true, help define us and often limits us. To change our underlying belief system enables fundamental and sustainable change.

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